Automate setup and tracking of monthly prepaid and accrual items.

The Prepaid & Accrual application automates the setup and tracking of prepaid and accrual items. An intuitive interface allows easy setup of odd amounts and tracking of posting history, current balance reporting, and allocation tables, for unrestricted expense distribution and balancing reports. The Accounts Payable application electronically transmits paid invoices to the Prepaid & Accruals application.

Automate the setup and tracking of prepaid and accrual items

Easy setup and management of prepaid and accruals

The Accounts Payable application electronically transmits paid invoices to the Prepaid & Accruals application


  • Quick prepaid input with direct invoice and image integration from Accounts Payable
  • Handles both prepaid and accruals
  • Balances reports on-demand: by GL, Branch and Cost Center
  • Searches by vendor, item number, or description
  • Allocation tables allow for automated unrestricted expense distribution
  • Allocation of odd amounts on prepaid items
  • Interface amortization to GL with descriptions

Add-On Solutions


ASCEND offers an unlimited number of companies or paying institutions in one database. Each company has its own set of users and permissions with the ability to interface to their respective General Ledgers.


When having more than one company, ASCEND allows for an invoice to be paid by one company, while splitting the expense of that invoice with other companies’ GL.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We just had our first external audit with ASCEND. I scheduled a 30-minute sit-down with the auditor to look at specific items. This process would have taken about six hours before ASCEND. The auditor couldn’t get over how easy and accurate it was. She said at least 10 of her bank clients immediately came to mind, that should start using BankTEL. She took a stack of my cards, to give to the accountants at these banks, in case they wanted to call with questions.

Nicole HulbertSeaside National Bank & Trust

I’ve been through the conversion process to new software before, and it’s usually a nightmare. Nothing balances and nothing works. But with ASCEND, things balanced and things worked. It was a very easy move.

Mendy CollierRegent Bank

With BankTEL, everything was more streamlined, there was better reconcilement, better functionality and better security on the user-side of things. It was a major step up for us.

Heath PrescottFarmers & Merchants Bank of South Carolina

Banks deal with accounting every part of every day. It’s a core part of the business. To be able to maneuver through the system and have the detail of records, the tracking and reporting that are available at BankTEL, was long overdue. Ascend is leagues ahead of where we were previously.

Tony AtecaSecurity Federal Bank

One thing I like about BankTEL is that they always want to know what you want and how they can make their product better. They like to listen to customers.

Lynn McKeeBankWest


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