Patrick (Pat) Sluder

Vice President – Sales

Recently Patrick Sluder was Senior Vice President of Retail Business Development at FIS. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing New Business Development along with Strategic Client Relationship Management for Retail and non-Financial Industry.

Formerly, Patrick served as Senior Vice President of Core Processing new business for Intercept Corporation for Community based financial institutions. Intercept was acquired by FIS in 1999 and Patrick was asked to continue his position in the new organization.

Prior to joining Intercept Patrick served as Vice President of Sales for SBS Corporation that specialized in technology solutions for community-based financial institutions. SBS was acquired by Intercept and Patrick continued to serve in his role of managing the Core and financial products for community-based institutions.

Prior to joining SBS Patrick was in the real estate investment and management business and managed a family owned business for 10 years.

Patrick attended Oklahoma University in Norman, Oklahoma