Nathan Turner

Senior Account Executive

In 2001, Nathan Turner met BankTEL founder Boyce Adams Sr. in the C.F.O.’s office of City Bank Texas, a longtime BankTEL client. Nathan was studying finance at Texas Tech University and working as an assistant to the C.F.O.

Boyce Sr. wanted to spend less time on the road and more time at home with his family. When Nathan graduated, Boyce Sr. hired him to travel to client banks and oversee implementations and user training.

In 2008, Nathan was promoted to General Manager of Support and Implementation. BankTEL was growing quickly and needed a whole implementation team, so Nathan began to spend more time at the Columbus office, supervising this team.

In 2017, Nathan took over as BankTEL’s Chief Customer Officer where he oversaw account managers, in addition to partnering with the sales team on branding, strategy and client communications.

Since 2019, Nathan has been one of BankTEL’s Senior Account Executives. He now manages the accounts of institutions with over 2-billion in assets. Some of these banks have partnered with BankTEL the entire time Nathan has been with the company, and he enjoys a close professional and now personal relationship with their representatives.

Nathan appreciates what he calls “the generosity of BankTEL’s management,” and how deeply the company invests in employees, customers and its community.

“BankTEL has been growing since I got here,” he says. “The constant growth and change inspires me, as an employee, to grow as well. I think our growth can be directly attributed to our willingness and desire to do the right thing by the customer.”

On weekends, Nathan can be found watching movies with his wife, son and daughter, showing his young son around the golf course or playing driveway basketball.