Do you know a colleague at another financial institution who could benefit from BankTEL? We’d love to meet them! To thank you for the introduction, we’ll send you rewards for every conversation and every qualified opportunity.

How it works:

  1. Copy this link and send it to someone you think could benefit from BankTEL.
  2. Anyone who clicks on the link will be prompted to book a meeting with our team.
  3. Once your referral completes a discovery call with a member of our team, you’ll receive a $50 gift card.
  4. If your referral becomes a qualified opportunity, we’ll send you $250.
  5. The number of referrals you can send us is unlimited!
  6. After 5 of your referrals become qualified opportunities, we’ll add in an iPad Pro. After 10, we’ll send you on vacation!

For every discovery call

We will send you a $50 Mastercard for each call that is held because of your referral.

For every qualified opportunity

After each discovery call, it will be determined whether or not the financial institution is a qualified opportunity. If it is, and they end up in a sales cycle, we will send you an additional $250.

After 5 qualified opportunities

In addition to $250 for each of these, when 5 of your referrals have become qualified opportunities, we will send you an iPad Pro.

After 10 qualified opportunities

On top of $250 for each and an iPad Pro, after 10 of your referrals become qualified opportunities, we will send you an all-expenses-paid travel voucher for 2 (Up to $2,000 value). All you have to do is decide where you want to go!

What are you waiting for?

Invite your colleagues to schedule a time with our team.

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Hey, check this company out. I highly recommend BankTEL to automate your AP processes. They have a full suite of accounting software designed with financial institutions in mind. Their solutions have helped us realize significant cost and time savings and improve the efficiency of our essential workflows. Give me a call if you’d chat about how BankTEL has helped our financial institution – or better yet, set up some time to talk directly with a BankTEL team member here!

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Referral Demo

Remember: you can refer as many of your colleagues as you’d like and you will be notified every time we connect with one of your referrals. We look forward to sending you rewards!