A BankTEL User for 26 years, United Mississippi Bank Moves from Legacy to ASCEND

With: Denise Davis, Accounts Payable

United Mississippi Bank came from humble beginnings—in 1973, when it was chartered as First Natchez Bank, it operated out of a mobile home in a parking lot in downtown Natchez. Now United Mississippi has 11 branches in Mississippi and Louisiana and 350 million in assets,

Denise Davis has been in banking since 2004, and has been with United Mississippi Bank’s accounting department since 2013. United Mississippi Bank has been a BankTEL client for 26 years. Under Denise’s direction, United Mississippi Bank recently moved from BankTEL’s legacy software to BankTEL’s newest software, ASCEND.

“My favorite part is that everything’s right there,” says Davis. “You don’t have to log in or out to access each platform because it’s all in the sidebar.” In the old software, “If I was working with something in accounts payable and I wanted to see something in prepaid, I’d have to log out and log into the prepaid platform.”

She also likes the larger icons and workspace, the limitless number of potential users, and the general intuitiveness of ASCEND.

“On the older version, we only had three licenses, and you had to have it installed on your work station to access it. So if we were audited, we had to pull paper documents and go through reports. It was a very tedious process,” Darnell-Davis says.

In the new program, she can create user profiles for external auditors, limiting their access to only the information they need. This means bank employees no longer have to find and copy hard files.

And because ASCEND is cloud-hosted, “Officers don’t have to be at their desks to approve invoices. They can do it from their iPads, a laptop, even from an iPhone. Even if they’re out on a trip, they can get their alert by text and still log in. It definitely speeds up the process of getting checks issued.”

According to Davis, implementation was easy. “Todd was our implementation supervisor, and he was awesome. If I had a question, I would get on the phone or shoot him an email. If he couldn’t get to it right then, he would forward it to someone who could call me instantly.”

Davis appreciated how Todd “did as much as he could to ensure there was as little downtime as possible.”

United Mississippi was implementing ASCEND at the same time its CORE provider was moving to a hosted system.

“We had a lot going on at one time,” Davis says. “It was hectic some days, and the BankTEL people were troopers. When we wanted to scream and run for the hills, they were like, we’ll figure it out. It’s going to be okay.”

Davis is excited about the ASCEND user conference in September. “It’s a chance to learn more about ASCEND and network with people who do the same thing that you do,” she says.

“ASCEND has been amazing for us. I wish we’d gone to it sooner.”

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