First State Bank Switches to BankTEL ASCEND for a More User-Friendly Accounting System 

With: Connie Grimes

First State Bank, headquartered in Waynesboro, Mississippi, has 14 branches and assets of around 800 million.

“This bank is family-oriented and committed to community service,” says Connie Grimes, Vice President of Operations. “Our CEO highly encourages community involvement, whether it’s in the schools or other organizations, and if it’s on bank time, that’s okay too, as long as it does not interfere with taking care of our customers.”

Grimes has been with First State for 26 years. In 2013, Grimes wasn’t happy with the accounting system First State Bank was using. When a colleague from a neighboring bank mentioned an upcoming meeting with BankTEL, Grimes asked if she could come, too.

“We were looking for something much more user-friendly, and BankTEL fit the bill,” she says.

Immediately Grimes noticed that BankTEL was saving her time.

“The product is excellent. I like the ease with which I can move around and do things. I can run reports, and everything I need is right in front of me.”

In October of 2017, First State Bank upgraded to BankTEL’s latest software, ASCEND. They use Accounts Payable, Prepaid & Accruals, Expense Reports and Invoice Approvals.

Grimes appreciates ASCEND’s audit trail.

“We get audited at least once or twice a year. With ASCEND, you can run reports and show who approved the invoices very quickly.”

She also likes “how ASCEND creates payment badges, so if you misprint something, it’s easy to reprint.”

Because ASCEND makes image files of each check, Grimes is considering introducing remote check processing—“Letting branches print out checks, instead of paying overnight shipping fee.”

“I love BankTEL’s support. Everybody’s quick, everybody’s friendly, and everybody appears to know what they’re talking about,” Grimes says. “I rarely have a problem but if I do, answers come very quickly.

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