First American Bank in New Mexico has been using BankTEL’s accounting software for 20+ years

With: Peggy Scott, Senior VP and Controller

First American Bank in New Mexico, with 22 branches and $1.1B in assets, has been using BankTEL’s accounting software since 2000. And Peggy Scott, Senior VP and Controller, has been with First American for over 16 years. On New Years Eve in 2005—her second with the bank—she was trying to close out the year and hurry home to her holiday plans, but something was wrong with First American’s network. Scott couldn’t get her accounting files to interface with her CORE system, so she called BankTEL.

It was 4 p.m. MST, which mean it was already 5 p.m. in Columbus, Mississippi, where BankTEL founder and then-C.E.O. Boyce Adams, Sr. answered the phone. Despite having New Year’s plans of his own, he spent hours troubleshooting with Scott. He didn’t get off the phone until 9 p.m., CST.

“It ended up being a bank problem, but he helped me figure it out and didn’t go home until we were fully interfaced and ready for the year-end,” said Scott. “I was quite impressed that the CEO of the company would be doing that with me on New Year’s Eve.”

All these years later, she remains impressed with BankTEL’s customer service. “We don’t need it often because everything just works for us, but the customer service is #1. The people that we worked with back in 2004, many of them are still part of the company.”

First American has 10 users working in four BankTEL modules—Accounts Payable, Prepaid & Accruals, Fixed Assets and Shareholder Services—and they run each of the branch accounts through the modules.

“We run a massive volume of bills through Accounts Payable,” Scott said. “It’s easy to learn and easy to use, and we’re able to train back-ups in-house.”

Over the years, Scott has been increasingly pleased with BankTEL software. “The programs themselves are easy to use. The report writing is getting better. In fact, we just upgraded our shareholder services program.”

And Scott appreciates the audit trail BankTEL provides.

“We can always pull the reports that we need to give our auditors. If we need something that we don’t have access to, it’s a phone call away.”