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BankTEL Sponsor of USAF Pilot Partner Program

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COLUMBUS, MS – BankTEL sponsored a Pilot Partner in conjunction with The Columbus Lowndes Development Link welcoming a new class of Air Force Pilots. Columbus Air Force Base is one of the primary training bases in the United States, training more than 40% of all United States Air Force Pilots.

“BankTEL is always pleased to be a active partner in the community, and we are very glad to be a part of such a important program,” said Boyce Adam, Jr., BankTEL Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “This Air Force class will be trained to fly the next generation of Air Force aircraft on a mission to protect the United States around the globe. They are all getting a start their start in Columbus.”

Throughout their time in Columbus, BankTEL’s staff will help the new comers feel welcome and answer any questions they may have in the community.

In this picture is Mr. Chuck Bigelow (the Liaison for Military Affairs Committee), Boyce raffling off prizes for class 11-06. Some of the prizes included two $50 American express cards, gift certificates to Mi Toro Restaurant, Banktel t-shirts, and a T-6 cockpit trainer poster.

Class 11-06 Fact Sheet



28 students,  3 female
5 married, 0 with children
Youngest: 22, Oldest: 29
Class Leaders – T-6: SRO Lt Hargis,  ASRO Lt Cadorette

Duty Status:

23 Active Duty
2 Air National Guard (C-130  North Kingstown, RI.  /  F-16  Fresno, CA.)
3  Aviation Leadership Program  (Afghan)

Commissioning Sources:

Reserve Officer Training Corps – 3
Air Force Academy – 18
Officer Training School – 2
Academy of Military Science – 2

Prior Experience:

2 Prior Enlisted members
11 USAF officers have at least a private pilot license
25 of 25 USAF officers have completed the IFS program