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BankTEL Rolls Out New Software User-Interface in ASCEND

By February 19, 2019October 23rd, 2020No Comments


As part of its 2019 Q1 update, BankTEL is debuting a new user interface for its financial institution accounting software, ASCEND.

“There won’t be any disruption to the user experience and no learning curve. The screens basically have the same layout. We just updated colors, font, and spacing, to make things more user-friendly and visually appealing,”

said Josh Tubb, BankTEL’s Manager of Development

The redesign includes improvements in the menu functionality, such as transforming static menus to drop-down and scroll-over, to make the overall experience more interactive and to allocate more screen space for multiple documents. Enhanced spacing in list views contributes to more readable and skimmable information and “better overall flow,” according to Tubb.

The updated user-dashboard incorporates animation, and the overall design is more dynamic and streamlined.

Josh Tubb

GM-Development at BankTEL