Currently there are around 5,000 banks in the U.S., and about a fifth of them are now set-up on the cloud-based accounting software, which integrates with all widely-used core banking systems.

Boyce Adams
SVP of Financial Services
BankTEL, an AvidXchange Company

BankTEL Systems, a leading provider of compliant accounting solutions to financial institutions, reached a significant milestone this week when it migrated the thousandth customer to its ASCEND software system.

“In only two years, we have been able to migrate over two-thirds of our clients to the latest technology, while generating solid new customer growth. ASCEND has proven to be a game-changing product for our financial institutions,” said SVP of Financial Services, Boyce Adams.

BankTEL clients say that ASCEND has better reporting functions, a stronger audit trail, and makes it easier to manage multi-branch vendors.

“We are honored that our clients continue to put their trust in BankTEL to deliver solutions that maintain their operational compliance, reduce risk and create additional efficiencies in their accounting workflows,” said Adams. “We are continuing to see increases in fraud attempts, and our clients are being proactive in working towards preventing it. One important mission of BankTEL right now is to partner with clients to address solutions necessary to stop fraud.”