AvidPay, AvidXchange’s automated payment solution, is now integrated into the BankTEL product suite giving its clients access to the AvidPay Network, a network of more than 500,000 suppliers, to complete the AP process with electronic payments.

The AvidPay Network helps suppliers transition to e-payment options like virtual card, increasing security and control over payments while eliminating the need to print and mail paper checks. With that, BankTEL clients’ AP functions are relieved of manual, paper-based payment processes to focus resources on more strategic initiatives.

Join us on March 18, 2020, at 2:00 PM CST, as Greg Barron of Studio Bank and Danielle Coleman of River Valley Bank discuss their recent implementation of AvidPay.

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AvidPay Unplugged Webinar


2:00pm CDT

1 Hour

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Studio Bank, a boutique bank founded on the principles of combining innovative technology and creative thinking with traditional financial services, first partnered with BankTEL in 2018 utilizing ASCEND, BankTEL’s fully integrated accounting suite. Studio Bank’s Chief Financial Officer, Greg Barron, said he is excited to utilize AvidPay to eliminate manual payment processes.

“Studio Bank focuses on empowering creators and we do so by using modern technology to educate, advise and help manage finances. Adding an innovative technology like AvidPay to our ASCEND accounting suite directly aligns with the principles we practice,” said Barron. “We look forward to spending more time creating even better banking experiences for our customers and less on our own payment processes.”

River Valley Community Bank, based in Yuba City California, operates three branches and plans to open a fourth location in 2020. River Valley issues nearly 100 checks a month and has about 281 vendors. The bank launched AvidPay in early December and Danielle Coleman, accounting assistant at River Valley, is already feeling a difference.

“To me it’s just a question of what’s your time worth to you? And it’s not just your time,” she says. “It’s the cost of one check, the printed envelope, the check stock, the stamp, your time to stuff those envelopes and then go to the post office.”