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AvidAscend Accounts Payable Training

This class is designed for new users of the AvidAscend product to gain an overall understanding of the accounts payable application.  Training will cover accounts payable topics such as vendor setup, invoice entry, scheduling invoices and payment processing. Other tops that will be reviewed will be voiding payments, GL corrections and 1099 vendor tracking. (approx. 1 hour 40 minutes)


AvidAscend Reports Training

The reports training class will cover the Reports Manager in the AvidAscend application. Topics that will be covered is an overview of canned reports, as well as, how to customize reports to meet your own specification that include changes to columns/fields, groups, sorting and custom criteria. (Approximately 1 hour)


AvidAscend Admin Setup and User Profile Training

This class is designed for administrators of the AvidAscend applications. Apps covered will be G/L Setup, System Setup and Administration. Topics that will be covered include Security Settings, Profile Setup Features, User & Group Setup features, G/L Maintenance, Email Templates. (Approximately 1 hour)


AvidAscend Prepaids & Accruals Training

This training class concentrates on the addition of prepaid through the import feature which allows a user to access ap invoice information to quickly setup a prepaid. Review of accrual additions, along with monthly processing of the amortization. (Approximately 1 hour)


AvidAscend Fixed Assets Training

Training for the Fixed Asset app will cover setup features including defaults for classes. The import feature that utilizes accounts payable invoices will be covered and the processing of depreciation through the monthly processing option. (Approximately 1 hour)


AvidAscend Invoice Approval Training

The Invoice Approval training will cover setting up new workflow processes, best practices on assigning to invoices and how approvals are tracked on the invoice record. There are company settings that will be reviewed and we will cover the approver’s role of viewing and processing invoices for payment. (Approximately 1 hour)


AvidAscend Expense Reports Training

This class is a complete overview of the Expense Reimbursement application that will topics, such as, Admin setup features (category setup, mileage rates and expense policies), expense report default settings for the company and User profiles, expense report entry by the employee, as well as, creating the invoice in AP for payment. (Approximately 1 hour)


AvidAscend Remote Imaging Training

Remote scanning covers the process of user uploading images and additional invoice information via the remote application in Ascend, as well as, the process of accounts payable users converting the image to an active invoice. (Approximately 15 minutes)


AvidAscend 1099s Training

This class is designed for users of the AP app who will be producing 1099 for vendors on a yearly basis. Topics such as Vendor 1099 Setup, invoice tracking and 1099 total adjustments, printing 1099s and options for IRS filing will also be covered. (Approximately 1 hour)


AvidAscend Shareholder Management Training

Shareholder Management training will cover topics including new shareholder entry, new issue and transfers of shares and certificate printing. Dividend calculation and reports will also be discussed. (Approximately 1 hour)


AvidAscend Vendor Management Training

AvidAscend Vendor Management training will cover all of the setup and customization features (tracking dates, special questions, contract types, etc.) necessary to implement the vendor management app. Adding vendor pages and contracts and notification processes will also be covered. This is not an Accounts Payable Training on vendor setup, it will only cover the Vendor Management application. (Approximately 45 minutes)


For additional questions or training, please contact Shea Adrian