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Southwest Capital Bank has its entire management team using three BankTEL modules: Prepaid & Accruals, Fixed Assets and Accounts Payable.

EX Fraud

Is Your Company Susceptible to Expense Reimbursement Fraud?


It is very common for companies to reimburse employee expenses on a regular basis, which makes expense reimbursement an

easy target for fraudsters. As we increase the emphasis of safeguarding against hackers and other criminals that pose an external threat, we should stop and consider potential threats from within the organization itself. As a manager, am I placing enough emphasis on protecting my company from internal fraud?

The 2 ways in which these schemes typically occur are:

  1. Claiming reimbursement for fictitious expenses

  2. Inflating actual business expenses


Helpful tips for preventing expense reimbursement fraud in your organization:

• Require that all expenses submitted for reimbursement are accompanied by original documentation, with no exceptions. Regardless of the amount, it’s important that employees keep receipts and maintain good records for expense reimbursement.

• Ensure that your organization has a well written expense reimbursement policy. Stay tuned for more on writing an effective policy from BankTEL!

• Institute a two-step review process for employee expense reimbursements. This means that two managers will have to approve the reimbursement before it is approved for payment.

• Maintain a healthy level of skepticism about your employees. You always want to trust the people you hire, but there’s nothing wrong with digging deeper to verify employee expenses.

• Have a consistent process set up for reimbursements. All employees should know what the process for reimbursement consists of and should expect that it will be the same every time.

• Discipline employees who violate the policies and procedures. Doing so will set an example and help deter other employees from making the same mistakes.

First American Bank

First American Bank, with 22 branches in New Mexico and 1.1 billion in assets, has been using BankTEL accounting software since 2000


BankTEL User Conference Demonstrates Leadership in Fraud Prevention and Cybersecurity

Columbus, Miss.—BankTEL Systems, a leading provider of financial accounting solutions, recently hosted customers, banking executives and technology leaders at its annual user education conference at The Guesthouse Hotel at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Over 200 financial institutions from 35 states participated.

Not only did attendees hear from industry professionals, but BankTEL team members discussed emerging technologies as the company continues to develop its platform to meet the ever-changing needs of its growing customer base. The conference also offered breakout sessions on key industry issues such as accounts payable fraud, compliance, cybersecurity and payment automation, as well as in-depth customer panels and user-groups for companies looking to further optimize their operations.

“We enjoy working with the market leader. BankTEL helps our institution stay ahead of A/P fraud and ensure our operation is efficient.”


– David Weems, Senior Vice President,
First Financial Bank, N.A., Abilene, Texas
$7.6 Billion in Assets


“The annual BankTEL conference is an extremely valuable time for us to network with other financial institutions and learn best practices from others.”

This year’s conference highlighted ways that BankTEL’s technology can help institutions innovate and stay ahead of the compliance curve. Attendees also received a unique view into real-time cybercrime, with presentations about the dark web, fraud and new methods criminals are using to target accounting groups.  At one of general sessions, an agent from the United States Secret Service talked about the steps law enforcement is taking to ensure that cybercriminals are caught and prosecuted.

About BankTEL Systems

BankTEL helps financial institutions manage expenses with easy-to-use software solutions that maintains transparency, accountability, and regulatory compliance. We are the only international software company that focuses solely on accounting solutions for financial institutions. We have 20% of the U.S. market share and a 27-year history of serving clients of all sizes.


First State Bank

$800 million bank with 14 branches uses Accounts Payable, Prepaid & Accruals, Expense Reports, and Invoice Approvals – First State Bank