Prepaid & Accruals

Prepaid & Accruals

The Prepaid & Accrual application automates the setup and tracking of prepaid and accrual items. An intuitive interface allows easy setup of odd amounts and tracking of posting history, current balance reporting and allocation tables, for unrestricted expense distribution and balancing reports. The Accounts Payable application electronically transmits paid invoices to the Prepaid & Accruals application.

  • Directly integrates Accounts Payable images
  • Easy setup and management of prepaid and accruals
  • Handles both prepaid and accrued expenses
  • Balances reports on demand: by GL, Branch and Cost Center
  • Searches by vendor, item number or description
  • Allocation tables allow for automated unrestricted expense distribution
  • Allocation of odd amounts on prepaid items
  • Interface amortization to G/L with descriptions

Add-on Solutions


ASCEND offers an unlimited number of companies or paying institutions in one database. Each company has its own set of users and permissions with the ability to interface to their respective General Ledgers.


When having more than one company, ASCEND allows for an invoice to be paid from one company but split the expense of that invoice to other companies GL. This feature saves countless manual entries or tickets.

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