Corporate Information

Due Diligence Documentation

BankTEL provides the following set of documents for customers conducting due diligence. Please direct your requests to for access to our download portal.

Type II Service Organization Control Report (SSAE No. 16)

Annual, Independent Report on a Description of a Service Organization’s System and the Suitability of the Design and Operating effectiveness of the Controls.

This form includes:

o Independent Service Auditor’s Report
o Description of Controls Provided by Management of BankTEL
o Information Provided by the Independent Service Auditor

Vendor Information & Qualification Form

This form includes:

o Executive Summary
o BankTEL’s Mission Statement
o Company History
o Company Information
o Company Name and Contact Information
o Company Officers
o Company Ownership
o Management Summary – Key Personnel
o Company Policies & Internal Procedures
o Development Process
o In-House System Oversight
o Data Protection
o Background Checks
o Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement
o Products Information
o System Operating Requirements
o Software License Agreement
o Consumer Privacy Letter of Agreement
o Financial Information
o Sales & Recurring Revenue
o Financial History with Projections
o Balance Sheet
o Profit & Loss Statement
o Workers Comp. & Employers Liability & General Liability Insurance Cert.
o Tech E&O/Privacy Liability Insurance Cert.
o Executed W9

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plan

This form includes:

o Overview
o Defined Scenario
o Disaster Recovery Prevention
o Site Management
o Emergency Contacts
o Threat Profile
o Recovery Strategy Overview
o Case Example for Business Continuity

Other Documents

o Audit Status Letter
o Bridge/Gap Letter
o NDA for Corporate Info.
o Threat Responses