New Mexico Exclusive Webinar

Achieve optimum results with your accounting operations.

Join Phillip Malatesta as he takes you on a guided tour of BankTEL’s latest Financial Accounting Suite, ASCEND. Phillip will demo a few of our software’s most popular solutions, such as our Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets and Expense Report modules. But even better, some of our favorite New Mexico bankers will tell you why they use BankTEL.


Peggy Scott, Senior VP-Comptroller with First American Bank,

First American Bank, with 22 branches in New Mexico and 1.1 billion in assets, has been using BankTEL accounting software since 2000. Peggy Scott, has been with First American for over 13 years.

Scott appreciates the audit trail BankTEL provides. “We can always pull the reports that we need to give our auditors. If we need something that we don’t have access to, it’s a phone call away.”



Anthony Ortiz, Senior Accounting Officer with Southwest Capital Bank,

Southwest Capital is a family owned bank, which has been around in some form since 1890. Now they have six branches and 350-million in assets. Shortly after Anthony Ortiz came on as Senior Accounting Officer in 2015, the bank transferred its accounts payable process from a rudimentary check-printing software to BankTEL’s fully automated, invoice-tracking software.

“BankTEL allowed us to create a process that is streamlined, so that we can balance our accounts to the penny. If there’s ever a question of, ‘did we pay that,’ we know, because we can go into BankTEL and pull it up, and say here’s the date, here’s the check, here’s who approved it.”

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take this exclusive journey with your fellow New Mexico accounting peers.

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BankTEL’s New Mexico Clients

BankTEL User Conference Update



We are very excited to see everyone in a few weeks in Nashville. Thank you for registering for this huge event. This is going to be an exciting two days filled with lots of networking and learning. There is a jammed packed agenda this year and a record number of attendees. We want to ensure everyone walks away with fulfillment all of their expectations. To accomplish this, we have modified the schedule just a bit. We are going to break away our sessions on Purchase Requisitions and Shareholder Management to a separate room. This will allow more time for questions, answers, best practices and any other topics you may want to discuss. If you would like to attend the Purchase Requisitions or Shareholder Management sessions, please sign up below.

Purchase Requisitions 8:45
Thursday, September 7th – Room Name – Studio 7

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Shareholder Management 9:15
Thursday, September 7th – Room Name – Studio 7

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Attendee Stats
• Over 180 attendees
• Representing over 125 different financial institutions
• From around 40 different states

Conference Registration Check-in Info

Upon your arrival at the conference, we invite you to stop by and receive your registration materials prior to the start of the conference on Wednesday morning and bypass the crowd. Our registration will be open from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM on Tuesday, September 5th on the 2nd Floor in the Platinum Ballroom Foyer. Our staff will be able to assist you and answer any questions you might have.

We will reopen the registration area again at 7:00 AM on Wednesday, September 6th in the Platinum Ballroom Foyer with our Breakfast beginning at 8:00 AM in the Legislative Terrace right around the corner from registration on the 2nd floor with the conference beginning promptly at 8:30 AM in the Platinum Ballroom.

Updated User Conference Agenda

Wednesday, September 6th
8:00 AM – Breakfast – Legislative Terrace
8:30 AM- Welcome & Opening Comments – Platinum Ballroom
9:00 AM – BankTEL User Group Board Introductions
Core Solutions:
9: 15 AM – Best Practices Accounts Payable – (Kim Rogalski, Allison Vonderheide, Mike Heppler, Kristi Story), (Nicole Hulbert -OFAC Scanning), & (BankTEL)
10: 15 AM – Break
10:30 AM – Best Practices Fixed Assets (Amy Feagin) & (BankTEL)
11:15 AM – “Future of Cashless Societies” – (Edmund C. Moy)
12:00 PM – Lunch
12:45 PM – Best Practices Prepaid & Accruals (Mike Heppler, Kristi Story) & (BankTEL)
Ancillary Solutions:
1:30 PM – Best Practices Invoice Approval- (Kim Rogalski, Allison Vonderheide, Mike Heppler) & (BankTEL)
2:15 PM – Best Practices Remote Scanning- (Nicole Hulbert, Allison Vonderheide) & (BankTEL)
3:00 PM – Break
3:15 PM – “Life Coaching – from Organizing to Goal Setting” – (Stan Viner)
3:45 PM – Expense Reports – (Kim Rogalski, Kristi Story) & (BankTEL)
4:30 PM – Vendor Portal (Nicole Hulbert) & (BankTEL)
5:00 PM – Closing Remarks (User Board and BankTEL Team)
6:30 PM – Gather for Evening Event (George Jones Museum)

Thursday, September 7th
8:00 AM – Breakfast – Legislative Terrace
8:30 AM- Welcome & Opening Comments – Platinum Ballroom
8:45 AM – Q&A and Recap from previous day
9:45 AM – Break
10:00 AM – Integrated Payables – (Nicole Hulbert, Amy Feagin) & (BankTEL)
10:45 AM – Feature Request (BankTEL & Board)
11:30 AM – Response to User Feedback by BankTEL Team

11 :45 AM – Closing Remarks by Board Members
12:15 PM – Box Lunches

Thursday, September 7th – Studio 7
8:45 AM – Purchase Requisitions (BankTEL)
9:15 AM – Shareholder Management (BankTEL)

Keynote Speaker for the
2017 BankTEL User Conference



BankTEL is pleased to announce that Edmund C. Moy, the 38th Director of the United States Mint, will be the Keynote Speaker at the upcoming BankTEL National User Conference to be held September 6-7, 2017, in Nashville, Tennessee.

“As the debate rages in Europe about cashless societies, BankTEL is pleased to have a thought leader of the highest caliber like Ed Moy discuss this subject at our User Conference,” said Boyce Adams, Jr., President of BankTEL. “In addition to leading the United States Mint with distinction, Ed Moy will be a dynamic speaker for our clients as he reflects on his vast experiences serving the American people. As he understands that BankTEL is the leader in financial solutions for financial institutions, his perspective will be valuable to our clients at our User Conference.”

About Edmund C. Moy:
Edmund C. Moy is a public servant, senior executive, commentator, author, and director with a successful track record in both publicly and privately held companies, and in the public sector. He served during two consequential times in our nation’s history:  the Financial Crisis and the Great Recession, and during 9/11. Throughout his professional career, Ed completed two stints in public service. First, in 1988, as a White House political appointee at the agency that oversees Medicare and Medicaid. Second, in 2001, Ed was asked to join the White House staff as the Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel, a position in which he served for almost six years. In 2006, he resigned his commission from the White House to become the 38th director of the United States Mint. After he resigned his commission as director of the Mint in 2011, Ed became the director of a NASDAQ traded company headquartered in Seattle. He now serves as the Chief Strategist for Fortress Gold Group, a leading provider of gold-backed IRA’s, on the advisory board for a public company, and on the board of a business school.

Join us and experience the history and see George Jones memorabilia up close and personal. The George Jones Museum pays tribute to the country music legend. His Grammys, instruments, stage outfits and personal effects are all on display throughout, representing the city and country music in its truest form.   During our reception, you will be able to enjoy the museum, food and mingle. After that, the first or fourth floor (The Rooftop Bar) provides you an opportunity to immerse yourself into the music “scene.” If honky tonks and “live” music joints are your thing simply walk out the front door and you are there!

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Client Testimonial about the 2016 BankTEL User Conference – from Karlena Taylor and Linda Harris of USAmeriBank.