Case Study: Century Bank & Trust


Century Bank & Trust, with two branches and 250 million in assets, has been a BankTEL client since 2009.

When it switched core providers, its new core, Jack Henry Banking, recommended BankTEL. According to vice president Cathy Gladin, Century has always been happy with BankTEL’s products and customer service, but since the bank implemented ASCEND, things have been running more efficiently than ever.

“We use accounts payable, prepaid and accruals, vendor management, fixed assets, expense reimbursements and approval,” she says. “The list of what we don’t use is shorter.”

Because Century already had BankTEL ASNA software, learning ASCEND was easy for her 40 employee users.

“The person who does the training is Shea Adrian, someone we’ve worked with at BankTEL for a long time. The nice thing about Shea is that she used to work in banks, so when you ask questions, she understands. When you’re talking to a programmer, sometimes that’s not the case.”

Gladin finds the new software intuitive and simple to navigate.

“ASCEND is a lot better. In the old software, the pieces of the database, such as where the invoice history might be stored and where the vendor invoice might be stored, weren’t connected. Now all the pieces are connected, and there are hyperlinks in every section. When you’re looking at vendor records, you can easily click straight to an invoice.”

She compares the experience to shopping online. “It’s like when they give you the ‘customers who looked at this also looked at that’ option,” she says.

“If they didn’t have that, you would have to back up, go to a search bar, search for another item and pull it up. In the ASCEND world, there are all these links, so you don’t have to back up and go to something different.”

In her 22 years of accounting, Gladin has seen her share of audits.

“There’s a very detailed audit trail in ASCEND. I can look at a vendor, pull up an invoice, and it will list when I pulled it up by date and time. It will also tell me who made a change.”

Because of ASCEND, Gladin’s employees are able to work more independently. “You don’t have to be an expert in the program to find information that you have access to. Even without a lot of training, it’s easy to keep clicking until you find what you want.”

This means her employees no longer ask Gladin to find information for them. “They can look things up on their own and answer their own questions. It saves me time, because I’m taking less phone calls,” she says.



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Why an Operational Assessment?

Client Testimony

“The main outcome of Bank First’s Operational Assessment showed us how much we would benefit by upgrading to the new Ascend product. Most of the issues we are having, such as Microsoft spreadsheet issues, application latency, as well as having to manually do the OFAC, will be eliminated. I saw at the 2017 User Conference what a great group this will be to work with as well as all the other users out there that are happy with Ascend.” 

– Wanda Russell, VP Accounts Payable/Risk Management


Operational Assessment Webinar

We invite you, our valued client, to join us in learning more about our new Operational Assessment initiative. BankTEL understands the importance of integrating technology with best practices to achieve optimum results. These informative webinars are focused on our commitment to continually help you improve operational compliance, increase efficiency, and create cost savings in your accounting operations. Below are several opportunities for participation in this educational webinar. We look forward to seeing you there!



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Client Testimonial about the 2016 BankTEL User Conference – from Karlena Taylor and Linda Harris of USAmeriBank.




Security Federal Bank

Love the email feature for direct deposits. We just converted to banktel in August. Very easy to use. Wish we have converted earlier. Great customer support. 

– Margaret Hurt

This is a great product easy to use. SAVES A LOT ON TIME

– Patricia Moseley


Iowa Falls State Bank

Our small community bank sees the value of using Banktel as a solution that offers big bank automation to our back office. Great customer service as we’ll!

-Brad Andrews


Independent Bank

Long time customer. Easy to use and great support. 

-Jim Orr



Salisbury Bank

BankTEL is a great company. It delivers advanced industry solutions.

-Eileen Narbutas



Shore Bancshares

BankTEL staff rocks! They have super customer service. They are also very respective to improvement suggestions.

-Kay Wagenblatt



TruPoint Bank

Our Accounts Payable Manager enjoys the product. It is user friendly and integrates well with the core.

-Brian Justice



CommunityBank of TX,

We use BankTEL’s A/P and are very satisfied with it. We are currently implementing the image approval function. There are many other features that we are planning to add.

-Ed Lampman



First State Bank

The seamless integration with Jack Henry is wonderful and we absolutely love it!

-Alice Barron

BBB logo

Baker Boyer Bank

BankTel has been a great business partner. They continue to meet our expectations when meeting our IT requirements and their support has been most helpful. We appreciate the ability to work with them. 

-Christopher Price


Newtown Savings Bank

Very much looking forward to our FA install to see improvements and efficiencies on our processing.

-Lynndel Bartulis


American Heritage Bank

Looking forward to our installation.

-Marilyn Herod


Bank of Eastern Oregon

The bank just installed Accounts Payable, and we really like its performance so far.

-James Bleth – IS Manager


First State Bank and Trust

The AP module has really increased our efficiency and made account payable a breeze for our FI! I would really recommend it to anyone! The people are also great to work with!

-Jimmy Lyons



As an existing customer, we have been pleased with their product offerings and their support and growth with our bank. We look forward to further development of their products and how they will help STAR Bank grow. 

-Dan O’Connor