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1st Quarter Newsletter

A Message From Boyce As a software company we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our existing systems or develop new systems to improve the automation process. From the feedback a lot of you have given us, we have several new products either under development or on the drawing board. One of those products […]

Bank Executives Seek New Ways to Manage Operations and Basel IV

While always an important consideration, products that streamline banking operations are now more vital to increasing bottom lines. With the coming changes in the capital requirements proposed by international regulators, strong bottom lines will be more critical than ever. Basel III Morphs into Basel IV The Basel Committee on Bank Supervision (BCBS), which reached accords with the […]

Sales Tactics Banks Must Employ

Increased competition, new technology that is keeping customers out of the branch and increasing costs across the banking industry has increased the demand on sales professionals to do their jobs well in order for the bank to make a profit. Today’s bankers can do well by keeping some sales tactics in mind as they try to sell more […]

Expense Report Software Saves Banks Time and Money

While many of the Accounting and Finance Department’s duties remain debatable as to whether they represent cost or revenue centers in the banking industry­­ and others. Mention expense report tasks to a bank executive and witness a painful expression.tt Although, you could argue that expense reports offer a) a legitimate tax deduction and b) an indirect contribution to […]

4 Biggest Risks for Today's Banks and How to Manage Them

    When the public thinks of the modern bank, they likely think of a stable organization committed to providing ongoing financial services for years on end, without a struggle. Yet banks face risks today as much as they always have, and perhaps more so in the current financial market. Banking professionals must learn to […]

Automating Accounts Payable Allows Banks to Enjoy Discounts

  Vendors and utilities submit bills to banks. They then expect banks to pay these bills on time. Manual accounts payable systems require bank staff time to schedule and make timely payments, none of which saves a financial institution any money—manual systems typically only increase expenses without any positive return to the bottom line. However, […]

U.S. Bank CIOs Respond that Mobile Banking and Online Banking Are Top Priorities for Tech Focus in 2015

There is true optimism from the banking community about U.S. economic growth for 2015. However, growing concern regarding security breaches tempers CIO and executive management enthusiasm. The growing influence of bank consumer preferences on financial institution strategy and spending has never been more evident than in budget priorities for 2015. Bank spending plans for the new year […]

Emphasize Digital Solutions While Keeping Banks Human Factor

  As more bank customers want digital apps that allow them to complete transactions from their mobile devices, banks should equally emphasize their personal touch and human factor. Financial institutions employing the most up­to­date technology can improve the efficiency of their operations. However, also stressing the human factor is more important than ever. Outstanding customer service, at the […]