New Mexico Exclusive Webinar

Achieve optimum results with your accounting operations.

Join Phillip Malatesta as he takes you on a guided tour of BankTEL’s latest Financial Accounting Suite, ASCEND. Phillip will demo a few of our software’s most popular solutions, such as our Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets and Expense Report modules. But even better, some of our favorite New Mexico bankers will tell you why they use BankTEL.


Peggy Scott, Senior VP-Comptroller with First American Bank,

First American Bank, with 22 branches in New Mexico and 1.1 billion in assets, has been using BankTEL accounting software since 2000. Peggy Scott, has been with First American for over 13 years.

Scott appreciates the audit trail BankTEL provides. “We can always pull the reports that we need to give our auditors. If we need something that we don’t have access to, it’s a phone call away.”



Anthony Ortiz, Senior Accounting Officer with Southwest Capital Bank,

Southwest Capital is a family owned bank, which has been around in some form since 1890. Now they have six branches and 350-million in assets. Shortly after Anthony Ortiz came on as Senior Accounting Officer in 2015, the bank transferred its accounts payable process from a rudimentary check-printing software to BankTEL’s fully automated, invoice-tracking software.

“BankTEL allowed us to create a process that is streamlined, so that we can balance our accounts to the penny. If there’s ever a question of, ‘did we pay that,’ we know, because we can go into BankTEL and pull it up, and say here’s the date, here’s the check, here’s who approved it.”

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