Core Solutions

Accounts Payable

Effortlessly schedule transactions and pay bills with a completely automated process.

Fixed Assets

Track and maintain a complete asset schedule for your financial institution. Seamlessly.

Prepaid & Accruals

Automate setup and tracking of prepaid & accrual items, all via one intuitive interface.

Additional Solutions

Vendor Management

Easily track and maintain risk assessments of all the institution’s relationships.

Approval Workflow

Approve invoices via a complete, web-based electronic process with audit features

Expense Report Reimbursement

Manage employee expenses, reimbursements, electronic receipts and credit cards transactions.

Remote Scanning

Scan invoices at the receiving point.

Purchase Requisitions

Manage requisition requests and approvals and send purchase orders to vendors.

Shareholder Management

Automate management, reporting and dividend payments to shareholders.

Vendor Portal

Automate the process for receiving vendor invoices via a web-based application.

BankTEL software is supported by instructor-led training classes, web-based demos, and a growing stockpile of video tutorials and resources for new clients and long-term partners alike.

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